Eiji Okamoto Laboratory

Creating new technologies from indoor communication to space communication


Safer, more secure, and more convenient SmartCity is realized by exploiting an integrated information network connected by lots of distributed internet of things (IoT). The wireless communication is indispensable to develop the IoT. To achieve the next generation smart wireless communication, our laboratory is researching and creating on advanced communication technologies.

The research topics in our laboratory are
1. More efficient multi-dimensional wireless resource allocation schemes for the fifth generation mobile wireless communication.
2. Satellite/terrestrial integrated mobile communication system for the realization of wide-are connectivity in mountainous and oceanic areas and of robust connectivity in large natural disaster cases.
3. New vehicle-to-vehicle communication protocols with low-latency and high-reliability using network coding for self-driving car systems
4. More energy-efficient home smart grid control with exploiting low-complexity and accurate UWB indoor localization scheme in sensor networks.
5. Radio-wave encryption scheme utilizing chaos multiple-input multiple-output communication scheme for secure wireless communications
6. Efficient channel coding scheme for satellite laser communications to realize extremely high-capacity space networks

Dear International Students:
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